Notice from APEX

  • We have received credible information that Sid, formerly a part of APEX, is likely the culprit behind the Southside murders/breach. APEX firmly stands as champions of the Masquerade, and as such, we announce the following actions:

    • APEX is calling in Angelo’s major debt to us. He is to hunt and destroy Sid personally. While he may engage others to help locate him, the duty and responsibility falls on him according to the debt owed to us.

    • Sid is no longer considered to be a part of APEX and is also now barred from accessing this book.

    Nora, APEX
    Tucker, APEX
    Felica, APEX

  • ::below this note is one in different writing::

    Mess cleaned up. I have a nice picture of me holding his head if you wanna see. Otherwise there were witnesses of me taking his head off. So consider the problem solved and done.


  • Why the fuck would you take a picture with that? What are you, ISIS? Jesus christ, out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    • Lyle Winfrey

  • ::looks like it’s written by a high school drop out::
    Since he destroyed the phones card, if you want to confirmation you can talk to one of the following who either witnessed or assisted in droppin’ the fool.

    Paul of Regulators
    TJ of Syndicate (that’s me)
    Tia of Unshackled
    The pretty boy Half-Blood (Adam maybe? I don’t)
    Dorothy who is apparently so new that all I know is her name.