So I was thinking about past stuff lots lately....

  • Since I have sorta been mia ic ((real life blah stuff)) I was thinking of all the great scenes and characters from past chronicles and figured hey why not start a thread. What was your most memorable scene so far and your favorite character other than one of your own?

    For me the most memorable scene would have to be from Cape Glory and the fight to final death between the Brujah and the Gangrel. So brutal but truly amazing The acid rape monster fight scene from Cape Glory is a close second in memorable scenes for me.

    Characters…so many great ones. Probably for me Dreggor a Nos played by Dan, a Veteran player of Sang from Cape Glory that saved my character Millie’s head literally and Frank an Anarch Brujah hippie played by Steve, also a Veteran player both of which I miss and both of which I looked up to in character as a new player over 6 years ago when I started playing.

  • I was only part of the previous chronicle for a few months but I was writing a reply for this on my lunch break anyway. Then I realized that the more I thought about it the longer my list of “favorite characters” got. Now I’m not really sure I can answer this question properly!

    Truth is, lots of characters were great and left an indelible mark. Colin, played by Aarkon, was a fantastic partner in crime, so to speak. Syn’s Safiyah felt so real, like she could have been a real person, and sometimes I wish I could have been her friend IRL. Bek’s Anthony was great because there was always so much more to him than how he first appeared. All of the Nos – Attis, Mose and Mozart – were fantastic in their own ways. The resident vampire Mr. Rogers, A.K.A. Spencer West, was a trip in nearly every scene I shared with him for one reason or another.

    Favorite scenes have to be any that featured Maddox. You could just feel the sheer force of his presence through the text. My adrenaline was through the roof during Fay’s introduction at court! Also loved the breach clean up scene with Colin and Mozart, watching Saifyah take Michael to school at billiards in Forbes, and pretty much all the banter between Fay and Mose.

    There’s a lot more but I think I’ve gone on long enough!