• — I have gifted Earl a trivial boon in exchange for the information surrounding whatever this is about. Sorry if that hurts some people’s feelings. Please see below for a brief summary and public service anou announcement;

    –> There’s this thing that sucks energy out of people (and apparently us).
    –> The fractions think that it’s behind someone dying in a nightclub (sad 😞 ).
    –> Clearly none of you had access to decent drugs when you were aging (also more sad 😞 ).

    For more details, please see myself or Flint (he was in the room at the time).

    Best wishes,

  • If you think the issue is about “hurt feelings”, well than you’re probably more of an idiot than just someone who would trust and freely indebt themselves to something that literally wants to eat you.

    But, hey, you do you bro!


  • ::Written in a hastily scrawled print.::
    A group of us went over to the warehouse and investigated this mystery. We discovered no sign of the Killjoy. We may have a lead on how to track it down. One of the thin-bloods, Dorothy, is helping us research a flier found at the warehouse. She is doing this task for advertisement of her skills. So please consider her for your future research needs. It is my understanding that a few groups are forming to track the Killjoy in populated environments like night clubs and raves. The event is not currently considered a breach of the first tradition. This is a chance to learn more about a fellow creature.


  • Toreador Spine

    @duh said in Scalping:

    Is anybody looking into the dead guy at all? Maybe a coroners report or something of that sort? Was it natural causes, an OD or something else? If it is established that this may be ‘something else’ and needs to be covered up, a moot would be in order to discuss the situation further.

    We could help with retrieving such a result, but if we had at least a name or other informations about him it could be easier.
    Did anyone know what happened to this boy? was it brought to an hospital?


  • Toreador Spine


  • ::In slightly neater handwriting than before.::
    Trying to remember who’s good at getting information like that. Found another flier. Not taking to thinbloods, can’t trust them.

  • Major breakthrough. Dealing with “a Reaper. It collects souls.” according to Reznor. A ritual requires two hearts, of a male and a female. Both must be virgin.

  • A ritual for what?


  • Banishing it. Maybe some donor organs.

  • Storytellers

    I have details from my own research but… Why? Just let it eat. It’s as much a part of the ecosystem as we are.

    • T