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    /me sideeyes from Logan.

  • @duh I can’t seem to pull the trigger either. I’m trying!

  • @bek ------…ROTFL

  • To explain… I think I tortured poor Logan.

  • @bek — I’ve been thinking about the Logan thing for a bit since you brought it up. The thing about it was… that was SO organic. ROTFL

  • Yeah Maria was such a sweet angel besides that!

  • @jaxon - Thanks for noticing 😄

    Also… it’s not my fault you were playing a wet noodle dancer.

  • Hilt

    Yeah, and I’m such a diplomat at heart that it takes everything for me not to be like “hey rival let’s be fren instead.”

    Cuz OOC, all my experience is that the Long Game, which we’re all supposedly playing, actually benefits far more from non-conflict than it does from conflict. Cuz unless the rival and all their allies die the second you have your first victory, that victory only ensures that you will have future losses. Not saying we shouldnt. Juse saying why its hard.

    PS-- Define Irony: the first time I had a character recognize and take an opportunity to gain the upper hand on someone… His long game suffered a rather significant setback, you could say. 😄

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    There is a dichotomy there. On the one hand we play creatures who could/would plan for centuries. On the other we have at best a few years in game and advance much more quickly in power than you would expect from a reasonable perspective.

    However that isn’t such a big deal now really, because we’re all playing the lowest rung with the most immediate needs. It is hard for the unbound to plan century long strategies when the world has changed about them and they are happy to exist another night. It’s about feathering your nest for the here and now, then growing in power to do… something. Without getting caught up with all that SI stuff.

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    Having played a character that was loathed by a majority of a clan simply for being my clan. Having to play through it and over it to get information on things and work out with the few that didn’t hate me but watched them get it instead and sometimes purposefully to lessen my own hate, it is a strange but good thing.

    No good story is complete without adversity. Just because they are a rival doesn’t mean you can’t be dealing with them. Think of GoT and similar stories, sometimes your worst enemies make your best allies until they then turn as well.