• Hilt

    I’ll be trying to recalibrate how I play Anja in the next week. I’ll also be trying to recalibrate how I read, both ic and ooc.

    So I hope there will a difference, and I hope it will be a worthwhile one.

    Only reason I’m posting this is as like a PSA of “if it seems diff, that means it’s working.”

  • Hilt

    I have a huge and genuine request.

    And I’m being 100% real with this. I’m in deep soul-searching on my perceptions and behaviour here on Sanguinus.

    I’d greatly appreciate honest and direct feedback. Good, bad, whatever, but i would like the truth on three things (in order of importance):

    1. How you’ve seen me portraying myself / interracting with you and others out of character.

    2. How you (the player, not the character) have perceived Anja to be acting, reacting, behaving.

    3. The same for Attis, if you are feeling super generous and want to provide bonus points.

    My strong preference would be for anonymous feedback, because it helps with de-complicating the whole thing. So my official email is, or if you want to send it to a more random one, try <— That fourth character is a lowercase L. I mean if you wanna do PM here, that’s fine too. Anonymous feedback is just my preference. I figure with email you can make an anonymous one. Maybe put Sanguinus in the subject line?

    My promise if you do this is that I will believe you and that I will do my best to really hear it and think/feel on it. And that if you say I’ve wronged you in any way, that I will ask if there’s anything I can do to set things right.

    Thank you.