Rouse Checks and Blush of Life

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    It’s come to our attention that people are not doing their daily rouse check before play and are not doing the roll for Blush of Life.

    The announcement for that is here:

    Also, you can choose not to roll Blush of Life, but if you choose not to you can NOT use a cell with a touchscreen or any other touchscreens. This means you can’t text people at all. This is not possible.

    This is a nice reminder. If we see it is a problem again, we won’t be so nice.

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Yo, people. This is NOT optional. Additionally, if you intend to use a smartphone with a touch screen you MUST roll Blush of Life. Otherwise you can not use the phone. Full stop.

    It is mandatory that you roll Rouse to, yanno, Rouse.

    It ain’t cool to cheat the system that relies upon you ask to be honest and take responsibility for your char.

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    I’m going to piggy back on this and make a statement about phones in general. If you are IC and there are people to interact with please don’t just sit around and text others. It goes against the spirit of a social-based roleplaying game and y’all are vampires and not those damn Millenials. Your main course of social interaction needs to be face to face. Thanks!

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Also, refrain from rousing or feeding until after 12 noon EST each day. That is when the bot resets. Doing this will ensure your rouse check, BoL and feeding are recorded on the appropriate day.

    We will be looking from here on out. Anyone caught not rousing will get a warning, then after that if it’s repeated, you will be docked xps.

  • Storytellers


    and a reminder that you need to copy and paste your rolls. for waking for blush of life for healing and anything else you do. If all we see is this

    [20:54]< TeeJ> !dice 1d10 h1 heal agg 1/3
    [20:54]< TeeJ> !dice 1d10 h1 heal agg 2/3
    [20:54]< TeeJ> !dice 1d10 h1 heal agg 3/3

    It won’t count we need to see the rolls or it doesn’t count.

    [20:54]< TeeJ> <@Archon> 10Roll for TeeJ: 1d10 h1 heal agg 1/3 --> 6 ( 6 )
    [20:54]< TeeJ> [18:55] <@Archon> 10Roll for TeeJ: 1d10 h1 heal agg 2/3 --> 10 ( 10 )
    [20:54]< TeeJ> [18:56] <@Archon> 10Roll for TeeJ: 1d10 h1 heal agg 3/3 --> 7 ( 7 )