Vampire Intimacy

  • This whole thread… ROTFL

  • Blood bonds need to be reported STs right?

  • @browncoyote yes, always.

  • One more quick question on this topic: is it safe to assume all PCs are aware of these risks?

  • Hilt

    Additional tangent:

    I don’t know how to make sense of the “cannot do the thing; must fake it with dex” thing when it comes to the vast majority of bodies and practices.

    Like anyone giving oral of any kind. Cannot do, must fake?
    Or bottoming.
    Or… like the vast majority of the things.

  • @onyx how do I delete someone else’s question?

  • Hilt

    Ask an ST to do so. They will decide whether to do so or not.

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Let’s just leave it at, “you can’t do it, you must fake it.” I really don’t want to get into the various sexual practices that are out there in the real world.

    In the past, I had to deal with such things and while they are amusing stories to tell people, it was embarrassing. One time it led to me being accused of homophobia! Which is a large LAWL.

    Or like the time I had to tell someone that giving a vampire head creates a bond, even if you don’t swallow and then having to deal with accusations of rape, etc etc.

    So, again, let’s leave it at “you can’t. But you can fake it with a human.” Which is where that will primarily be done- especially with all y’all Sirens. If two vamps want to get it on, then you are swapping blood, especially because YES, most vampires would have realized early on that sex is no longer an option (Hello, curse of Caine?) and that even if they could get it up or get it wet, that’s a waste of blood and doesn’t even feel good any more. The blood is all. Period.

    …no pun intended.

    PS: and please, puleeeeease, let’s not have a question about the trite, overused cliche of your vampire having been so fucking naive that sex was outside their wheelhouse and they are a virgin and therefore will not know. They know. Full stop.

  • @malevolence In short, all PCs are aware of how to be intimate – with kine and kindred – as well as all of the implied risks and the fact that it’s pointless except for a messy science experiment. Correct?

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    To reiterate:
    You can not fuck, suck, top, bottom, sideways, on your head, on the other person’s head, upside down, diagonally, tangentially, hand job, foot job, boob job, ___ job, masturbate, or anything else involving your own nonworking, nonwet, nonhard genitals.

    You CAN finger fuck, but you go in dry unless there is blood spent to make it wet. Which is blood- beeteedubs. And, it don’t feel good, so why waste the blood? and waste the sheets/mattress/clothing you forgot to rip off in your desperate need to get to the pusspuss, or meatpole, etc etc.

    You CAN fake it while you make it with a human.

    You want to get intimate with a Vampire, you suck it up- literally- and drink each other’s blood. Yes, the blood bond is serious. Yes, you should consider that. No, it will never go away until the person you are bound to goes away either by death or distance. But again, the blood is all. Bonds are a thing.

    Welcome to Vampire, where the dick/puss don’t work but the fangs and bloods do.