Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth

  • @duh said in Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth:

    I mean the Caitiff aren’t exactly “free of the bane of their sires” cause they don’t know who their sires really are, unless they were specifically sired by other Caitiff, which has been happening y’all!

    That’s not the only way Caitiff are born. Altough it is certainly the one with the highest chance of survival !

    Sometimes Caitiff do know their sires but are born Caitiff nonetheless. The higher your generations is the most likely the possibility of childering a Caitiff.
    The same is true for a thin-blood or at least before V5.

    You didn’t need to be of the 14th or higher to be a thin-blood. But those are always born Caitiff and thin-blooded.

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  • Nosferatu all the way with a 1000 different masks. 🙂