Better Feeding Through Disciplines

  • Hilt

    [[These are musings, not like expectations or demands or criticisms. Just a thing I ponder occasionally.]]

    In previous editions of Sang, disciplines modified feeding rolls.

    Now with Predator styles, we have purely “mundane” rolls for hunting. Like Dex + Stealth for the Sandman, as an example.

    But some disciplines like kinda are a particular feeding style.

    Obfuscate at 2 or greater basically accomplishes the Sandman.
    Presence 3 basically accomplishes the Siren feed.
    Animalism at 2 or greater pretty much nails the Farmer feed.

    So the issue with these is Hunger, right? Buy not the accomplishing of the hunt. Like with the Farmer, you’re not gonna fail to get animals. The siren isn’t gonna not find a date.
    Dominate ensures compliance at 2, and ensures they don’t remember at either 1 or 3.

    The only real danger is that once you’re actually feeding, you might feed too far cuz hunger.

    Are there thoughts about modifying feed systems for the Discipline-spammer? I assume we’re like “Nah, having more danger is good, and since it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” which is totes cool. Fistbump sparkles. Just musing/wondering.

  • Sticking with Sandman as an example. It grants one dot in Obfuscate and is probably one of the more humane ways to feed. If the mortal wakes up, then the character freezes and goes into Obfuscate 1. A vampire can always get better though and Obfuscate 2 would totally help with that. I’m thinking as a more preemptive or reaction to a feeding gone wrong.
    For sure something to think about.

  • Storytellers

    Sticking with Sandman, Obfuscate 1 Silence of Death instead of Cloak of Shadows means you don’t accidentally wake anyone up breaking in.

    The problem is, you can’t universally apply it. Consenualist literally can’t use any discipline as those that would remove the free will of who they are feeding off of. Others could easily have 3 o 4. Giving discipline powers a bonus to feeding roles could make things unbalanced.