Animalism and Famulus

  • ((First post on here, so I don’t know if it’s a valide thing to bring to you all, but here it is!))

    I have got one venting from BrownCoyote, concerning particularly the first power of Animalism, AKA Bond Famulus, and the fact that disciplines that ties into, like Fortitude 2, are quite useless (in his opinion) because he can’t use his animal ghoul, which he felt was important toward his concept of having an animal companion and stuff.

    What do you ST’s think about that? Is that a personnal problem of his or is that more of a small mechanical flaw with our system in general?

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    Weve always had that issue with ghouls. Due to the style of game as it is, trying to cart them around is difficult and we dont want a ton of extra sheets to be on top of. Speakung for experience as my last char in chicago chron was an animal trainer who was working on them as ghouls… i get it. But they still will add a benefit if anyone attacks their haven tho. So hes just going to have to deal with it im afraid. Tho if he does want help shifting the concept a bit to accomodate that, we can chat and help him do that

  • Alright, do you want me to tell him to go chat with you guys about that in that case, if he wants to shift his concept a bit? Or should I let y’all talk to him?