Status & Rep-- Coterie Namecards

  • I can’t edit the status and rep page (obv).
    BUT, I’ve done the best I could with freaking MS Paint to make the name cards for the Coteries on that page.

    I figure it might be easy to install these if one of y’all both wants to and has the time. “Has the time” is the respectful and easy-going version of getting how real life and schedules go.

    Here’s the link for the whole set:

    Here’s for individuals ones:

    I couldn’t find a Typewriter font, so I used Stencil. It’s not the best.
    I totally won’t be offended if y’all make your own and don’t use these. This is just like an “I realized I could give this gift, so here you go, but I place no expectation or obligation on you with regard to it, cuz I for damn sure don’t want it to be a burden or whatevs.”


  • These are nice. Even if the STs don’t end up using them, thank you, James!