Branton Weather!

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    We need help for people to write lines for weather description. We need them for all seasons. Please label them such as…

    Winter: It’s fucking cold.
    Spring: It’s fucking mild.
    Summer: It’s fucking hot.
    Fall: It’s fucking mild again.

    Thanks for any help!

  • Winter: Yesterday’s snow does not melt in today’s sub-zero temperatures, and still coats every sidewalk and road, but the sky is clear and sunny.

  • Winter - It’s colder than a witches tit.

  • Winter: Slush! Everywhere everything is cold slush. The salt trucks seem determined to splash you when you walk places.

  • Winter: Slippery Ice everywhere means you need a Dex check just to walk to your car.

  • Winter: Light snow flurries dust everything in a thin layer of white.
    Spring: It rained during the day leaving puddles throughout the city.
    Summer: The dog days of summer. Even the night is warm.
    Fall: Wind from the coast blows leaves through the city.

  • Winter: The streets are as clear as the sky and deserted of life as people huddle inside in an attempt to escape the freezing artic wind from the north.
    Winter: A chill fog fills the streets of Branton, muffling foot-steps and refracting street lights into misshapen patterns.

  • Winter : The lack of wind makes the white landscape seems like it would sparkle if the sun ever greeted it, but for now, the shiny moon up there will do.

  • Apex Unbound

    Winter: A polar vortex has descended on Branton, freezing any airborn moisture, causing exposed blood vessels to crackle. Extended exposure will cause physical harm, even with the heartiest protection.

    Winter: The polar vortex continues to oppress Branton. Emergency shelters have been set up for the homeless. Extended exposure will cause harm, even with the heartiest protection.

    Winter: A light dusting of snow covers the city in a pristine sheen. It is quiet, peaceful, and clean.

    Winter: Heavy snow, and high wind. Driving is treacherous, with low visibility and slippery conditions. Travel is limited.

  • Fall: Dense cloud cover yields an endless, dreary drizzle. Worse, it’s cold. Everything is soggy and cold. It’s a miserable evening.
    Fall: The night is blustery. Clouds race across the night sky and the wind seems to hurry you along.
    Fall: It’s chilly out but the night is clear and calm. The stars seem very bright.
    Fall: The air is warmer than one would expect for this time of year, comfortable even. It’s also thick with the pungent aroma drifting off the sea.

    Winter: Thick snowflakes fall in a steady curtain, obscuring the night sky and reducing visibility to a few feet in front of you. Sounds are eerily muffled.
    Winter: It’s a cloudless winter night but the frigid wind blowing off the ocean bites bone deep.
    Winter: A freezing rain has encrusted everything in a layer of ice; the ground is treacherous but everything glitters.
    Winter: There’s a snowstorm brewing. Skirling winds blow the snow in at a sharp angle, stinging anyone foolish enough not to bundle up.

    I’ll do spring and summer later!

  • Fall. It’s not hot. It’s not cold. It’s just sort of meh.

    Fall. #hoodieweather

  • @zahana said in Branton Weather!:

    Fall. #hoodieweather

    Zee wins. Fall is now accomplished.

  • Summer: Did everyone mow their lawn today? Yes, -everyone- mowed the lawn today. You smell allergies everywhere you go.

  • Winter: Today is one of those rare winter days that thinks it is a pleasant summer day. You better enjoy it, because it won’t last.

  • Apex Unbound

    Winter: Bleak. Cold. Even the bright lights and festive decorations do nothing to belay that nature is harsh, resting, or dead.

  • @onyx said in Branton Weather!:

    @zahana said in Branton Weather!:

    Fall. #hoodieweather

    Zee wins. Fall is now accomplished.

    Winter. Double #hoodieweather

    Spring. Winter is over, we now return you to your regularly scheduled #hoodieweather

  • @zahana Summer: #notmyhoodieweather

  • @jess said in Branton Weather!:

    @zahana Summer: #notmyhoodieweather

    Summer. Sure it’s summer but it’s below 80 degrees so #hoodieweather

  • @zahana That’s right, I forgot that you live in Phoenix which is pretty much Hell on Earth.

  • Winter: OMG could the looped Christmas music be any louder? +1 Diff to resist rage frenzy.