• What is reputation?

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    This is kind of like status, but not really exactly the same. It’s for the unbound to know about people in broad terms

  • How is it determined? Both in-game and OOC? Harpies and Praxis handled this previously, but those don’t seem to apply for this, since Unbound aren’t part of the Cam (although that may change for some).

    Also, while looking at that wiki page, will all coteries be posted?

    I know you folks are working super-hard on everything; these are curiosity questions for when you have time. Thanks for all the work!


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    It’ll be explained along the way. There is going to be a form though that player will have the ability to make suggestions, otherwise, it’ll be staff mostly making what is known. It will be on you and other players as a social responsibility to follow what the status and “rep” represents though. Playing to coddle the outcast will gain you the rep as well and people should be less willing to do any sort of business with you.

    Like most things in Vampire, there is what is public and what is private. This answers both rep and coteries.

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    if you’re talking about Reputation on the forum, it’s based on post count. As you post, you gain reputation and get “rewards” once you hit certain amounts.

  • Oh sorry. I just meant the forum thing. I get it now. Is a fun.