• This is just now occurring to me. What happens if, as a vampire with the Cleaver predatory type, you kill someone in your “family” due to a messy critical or a bestial failure? Whether it’s the vampire’s “spouse” or their “roommate”, what are they supposed to do? Do they murder everyone else and/or find a new family?

    “Damn, I killed Homer. Now I have to kill Marge, Bart and Lisa and move in with the Flanders’.”

  • Are we grandpa or the Maggie in this Cleaver family? To address the question, I do enjoy thought experiments. If wife is vampire then “Oh my god, we knew he had a bad heart. Yes he is much older than I am, but we loved each other and the kids. Oh god, how am I going to tell the kids, Officer?” Sob Manipulation+Persuasion. If vampire is dad, I guess move to Utah or “I’m pretty sure she ran off with her Yoga instructor and left me with the kids, but I’m going to file this missing report, just in case. Ya know?” same roll. If vampire is roommate, “Detective, I’m going to be honest with you. My roommate was into some weird stuff. I don’t even think I can live here after something like this happened. I’m going to have to find a a place to stay while looking for a new apartment. You have my phone number, I guess, if you need to ask me more questions.” Either way, it’s an episode of CSI: Family Edition.

  • Hilt

    Subterfuge: Cover-ups.

  • @browncoyote That’s pretty solid, BC, thank you! I think I was too focused on the mechanics of the predator type and not the RP aspect.

  • Storytellers

    Page 45-46 of the Cam books gives a kindred’s accounting of how he acquired his new family.