Same City

  • How should we proceed if PCs meet and discover that they came from the same city? Assuming they moved in similar circles, what are PCs allowed to know if sharing info is even permitted?

    In the case of Chicago in particular, what do PCs know about the state of things there or what happened to the court shortly before and after the Second Inquisition? Thanks!

  • Hilt

    I’ve seen people like @unclean and @Syn sh just improv it. Like

    “Oh right, I thought I recognized you! How’s Bob doing?”

    “He got eaten by a shark. It was terrible. Why did you give an idiot like him surfing lessons?”

    “For the last time, I owed him a favor for the time he taught me how to floss.”

    Doesn’t answer the question about what we’re allowed to know, but it provides the illusion of shared history where there was none before.

  • Well, one of those people is an ST so I feel like that skews the balance. Additionally, at least as far as Chicago is concerned, I believe that was the location of a past chronicle where past PCs might still exist. I hesitate to assume anything for that reason alone, since any number of them could still be knocking around. They might hear me talkin’ shit and next thing you know I’ve gotta move again because assassins!

  • Yeah but it’s an ST playing their PC, so they can do as much about that as we can. 🙂

  • @duh said in Same City:

    Yeah but it’s an ST playing their PC, so they can do as much about that as we can. 🙂

    Exactly this 🙂

    In terms of knowing people from other cities, we have always handled in the way mentioned above - you may have seen the person about, but don’t have in-depth knowledge of the person, you just ran in different circles.

  • Okay, thank you!