Chicago by Night Kickstarter 5 days left

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    tl:dr you have 5 days left if you want to support the CbN kickstarter

    As many of you probably know there’s a Kickstarter by Onyx Path to produce Chicago by Night, which will be the first v5 supplement. If you’ve thought about backing it but haven’t yet, you have until Thursday to do so. Even a pledge of $5 is enough to get access to the sneak-peak manuscript, so you’ll have access to a lot of material that will end up in the book (-minus the art and formatting)

    I’m just shy of halfway through the manuscripts and I can highly recommend it if:

    • You like the city of Chicago and want to see how it gets implemented into the World of Darkness (shout out to the Neo-Futurist Theatre!)

    • You’re into WoD/VtM Metaplot

    • You enjoy reading about character descriptions (7 of the 11 currently available manuscripts are Kindred of Chicago)

    • You’ve finished the Corebook, Anarch book, and Cam book and are hungry for more V5 content (guilty)

    • Your in need of a new VtM related T-shirt and want access to the limit one that’s available for hitting the stretch goal or any of the other bonuses you get from pledging (there may or may not be an NPC Ventrue by the name of Joseph “Joes” Mendoza in an upcoming supplement.)

    Personally 2 more funding stretch goals that I’d like to see the campaign acheive, $96k for a 4th chronicle entitled “Let the Streets Run Read” and $105k for a 4th Chicago Folio for the Church of Caine perspective. If you’ve been wanting to be a part of it and either have been procrastinating or just on the fence about it, you have until Thursday to pull the trigger and do it. I think you’ll find it to be worth it.

  • Storytellers

    For those who like to wait until the last minute, the last minute is Thu, November 29 2018 10:00 AM MST.