Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes... turn and face the strange...

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Hello friends! After reading the Anarch book and all of us physically sitting in the room and doing a powerpoint presentation (you think that was a joke?! Naaah just that one slide was!) and there was some clarification that lead us to make a series of decisions.

    • In the Guide To The Anarch, the Unbound are indeed part of the Anarch sect (with a very rare and small faction). There are just two flavors of them. The Anarch Movement are those that go around and “liberating” cities and/or districts from the Camarilla. The Unbound/Anarchs are those that just reside in those “liberated” areas. We will be following this. Rather than just hit the reset button on the setting and be like “WE BE ANARCHS NOW” we are gonna have some series of scenes that will move towards this over the next couple weeks. We want all of you to collaborate and engage in these scenes, make them rich and interesting.
    • With your help, we will be rejiggering coteries due to this because some were made with the goal of bringing Anarchs into the city. That means some will be combined with others and/or new ones will be made.
    • Speaking of goals, we will be contacting various players next week to retool them. You also have an opportunity to reroll your characters if you’d rather. Mind you, if you still want to join the Camarilla, that’s cool. It’s those that have things like “bring the Anarch into Branton” is the issue, since that’s being done already. If by the end of the week, if your goal is centered around that and we haven’t spoken to us, please reach out to us via chambers or forum PM and we will get you sorted.
    • Another thing to do with goals… we are doing away with short term goals. There will now only be medium term, long term, and out of chronicle goals. Your character should have at least one of each, but we recommend having more! There is no limit to medium and long term goals, but we do recommend restricting out of chronicle goals to keep a focus of what your character wants to ultimately achieve
    • The Camarilla is still active in Branton. With them, we are actually going to soften slightly the Camarilla vs Anarch slightly by incorporating going more in line with the metaplot due to certain things with Branton. It makes sense to the setting as a whole since v20 Branton, but those things can be discovered in character for those that know how to find them…
    • XP system overhaul! We will be going back to 3xp a week base. You can earn an additional 1xp a week for exceptional RP (creating compelling RP for a large number of the player base, dicking over an enemy, or the rare occasion where dicking over an ally or coteriemate is appropriate.) You will also earn bonus XP for completing your medium and long term goals. The amount is up to ST discretion.