Your Clan and You

  • Storytellers

    At the beginning of this chronicle, it was explained that coteries would be taking a greater priority and Clans less so than in previous chronicles. However, it was never intended that your Clans should have no structure or interaction beyond the casual. With the rejiggering, it’s also a moment to reflect on that. Clan activities can be a whole heap of fun!

    Seriously, go read the books and wikis (both ours and the white wolf one!). Sure, y’all don’t have Primogen, but you don’t need them to get things rolling. Any one of you can call a meeting of your peers together and kick things into action. Any one of the Gangrel can send out party invites via mongoose, any Brujah can call a Rant - or throw a Rave - and we’d love to see y’all do so!

    And don’t forget that your blood ties still lay claim. Even a Sabbat Nosferatu is welcome inside a Camarilla warrens. Any Brujah worth their salt will back a brother against an outsider - and if they don’t, they might be staring down a Gauntlet very soon. Tremere… well, the shared Bonds might no longer be a thing but the Houses sure are.

    So please, go forth and plot and scheme!