Mountain Entertainment: New Art Community Offers Fresh Look on Being Hip

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    ::posted in various new media/digital circles, with some of the local traditional print presses picking up in their lifestyle thread::

    Midtown proper is about to get a whole lot more dynamic and brighter if our advanced viewing of the soon to open “The Collective” is any indication. On Sunday, December 9, at 8PM, the converted firehouse cum art collective and gallery will open its doors in Midtown.

    Close enough to the galleries and art communities of Gainsborough, but decidely outside of it, stands ‘The Collective’ – a converted firehouse, which will contain both a gallery for traditional art mediums, a lounge/live performance space, and an area for private artistic gatherings. Mountain Entertainment was able to get an advanced preview and speak with the folks behind this exciting space.

    “We are here to give voice to the artists, wordsmiths, and woke people on the margins”, says General Manager Azure Smith, “For too long folks have been struggling to find a spot for their unique, beautiful, and shuttered voice – this is their space.” As we toured the interior of the establishment, we were quite impressed by the construction and the thoughtfulness of each collaborative spot.

    ‘The Collective’ will open this Sunday, featuring “the best of cutting edge art outside of Gainsborough, with a distinctly local community flair.” The proceeds of which, including artist auctions, will benefit The Branton Young Artists Community, an afterschool program designed to foster the arts in our local schools, where funding often falls short for art and art related programs in the educational system.

    ::The Location of The Collective, in Midtown, is provided::

    • Sam Riley, the Mountain