Time Spent Thinking about Sanguinus

  • Hilt Unbound

    How much of your day away from Sanguinus involves you thinking about Sanguinus?

    What brought this on was a shindig that I was at. Lasted 1 hour. I realized afterwards that I had heard nothing. I was thinking about Sang the whole time.

  • 2 hours a day in total, at least. Mainly while cutting dem tomatoes

  • James, are you the bride or the groom?

  • Hilt Unbound

    @duh said in Time Spent Thinking about Sanguinus:

    James, are you the bride or the groom?

    Pshh! Enby, so neither/both.

  • I like this “neither/both”, as an enby person myself, I like blending words, so I have to be a broom… wait… okay, a gride?

    Seriously, I prefer male attire most of the time, but like to add feminine things, colors and impressions. I like wearing sparkly jewelry for example. xD

  • Unbound

    I was like “pffffff, I don’t think of Sanguinus, unless I’m online.” Then, on my way to work today I was like ::plots about things to do with Emmeri…:: “OH FOR FUCKSAKES”

  • To be completely candid. I think about the game quite a bit.

  • Unbound

    I think about RP in general fairly often. I run scenarios in my head based on what I learn about characters, mostly to plan out what my character might do, or to just entertain myself.

    I used to type them out, as tiny novellas, thought maybe someday they could be used to stitch together a cool book, but I’ve never been happy with any of the potential outcomes (being fairly well read and trope-aware, I think things I write turn out too derivative, though others that have read some of it tell me it isn’t true).

    Side topic, I was excited when I saw the “blog” section on the forum, then disappointed when I saw it was empty. In a previous game I had a running one that was basically my characters private journal, so people could read it and get an understanding of what was going through his head, for OOC stuff of course. Some people were surprised at how he saw their characters, so it lead to some great conversations on perception.