The road ends

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    Well it was fun, but it looks like our little coterie is coming to an end, subsumed by the larger one for whatever the big one was… the spine or something. Unfortunately we are helpful but not enough to warrant a serious position in the new regime, though unshackled did alright with a couple, and Apex of course with the top job… which i fully supported, and the head of a coterie with Nora. So make your own way and good luck with whatever you sort for yourselves. I will be as helpful to you all as much as i can if you ask for help on anything, but i will be dropping into the shadows for a time to see how things shape up and will not expect to be as visible or try to build things as i was.

    • yves

  • :: note and recording left in the safe next to a plastic bag ::

    What the fuck am I supposed to do wit all these beanies I got you mother fuckers for X-mas now?

    On another note, just cause we ain’t crew no more don’t mean I ain’t still go love for you mofos. Hit me up if ya need me.


    :: is you examine the bag, there’s a 5 of these hats ::


  • Unbound

    ::note on a scrap of paper and a recording::
    Same as TJ said. You guys need me, I’m there for you.
    Thanks for the hat.

    ::one of the beanies is gone::