Resource: Unused Nosferatu Pics

  • Hilt

    Here are two threads I made when picking my previous Nosferatu characters. Since I hope to keep Anja as long as possible, I’ll leave them here for y’all to select from if you so choose.

    Here’s the first one from when I was working on Attis. It has a tone of repeats because when I tried to rearrange the order it just duplicated everything like 8 times. But there are new ones in there all the way to the end.


    Here’s the one I made when working on Doc. Ended up using one from the first thread, but oh well. Half of these aren’t really Nosferatu properly, but character concepts I was mulling over. But I include it anyway since half would work for Nossies or Samedi. At least it doesn’t have the duplicates problem.

    Nosferatu 2 (and others, but my purpose was looking for Nos character pics)

  • Thanks for the share, James!