The Collective Opening, Scene Setting

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    The Collective Opening

    Channel: #thecollective
    Exterior: #midtown

    Scene Setting

    The converted firehouse bumps with activity as you arrive. While there isn’t a line outside, music reverberates into the street. There is a simple doorman who stamps minors hands to indicate they can’t drink.

    At the beginning of the evening, the only space that appears to be open is the lounge area. The Gallery has caution tape across the entrance and a temporary wall of beautiful graffiti. The room chatters that they’re expecting it to open.

    The room is full of both an eclectic bunch of folks - the actual artists of the collective, who dress up but embody the more informal style of the hipster and struggling communities they come from. There’s also a fair number of society folks there, not in full formal wear, but clearly drawn by the buzz. The lounge has an open bar, but accepts donations to the evenings charity.

    There is a sign just near the caution tape that says “Auction and performances to being shortly.” The sign and the caution tape builds buzz with the eclectic group.