The Collective Opening

  • :: Very neat handwriting ::

    Tucker’s converted firehouse cum art collective and gallery “The Collective” finally opened. As promised, it was an entertaining evening of the art collection that has been amassed by local artists, and performances.

    Performances included:
    Tucker with his DJ’ing excellent remixes of Billie Holliday.
    Tia was a hauntingly beautiful rendition of a Nina Simone classic - Blackbird followed by another song by the same artist that I’m not familiar with.
    Nora played a piece by Schubert by herself, then was followed to the stage by Emmeric and his band, where they performed some awe-worthy jazz.

    During the last couple performances, the Tower showed up. There was Melisha, the Sheriff, Urielle, and apparently the Seneschal showed up as well. Their meeting in the VIP consisted of warnings according to a few who were in there. Then they wanted to speak with the Roses.

    Nobody did anything overtly dumb to bring attention to themselves. Success.

    from The Spine