Because of the Implication

  • Hilt

    This thread is for getting stupid or silly with the implications of it interractions between different V5 rules.

    It’s not for complaining.

    It’s for that part of us that always wants to take this rule or that rule or these rules and do a reductio ad absurdum with them until you end up with something ridiculous.


    1. You only get 1 power each time you increase a discipline.
    2. No characters have traits over 5 (like even the 4th Gens be Fiving).
      Therefore: The Antediluvians lack many of their disciplines’ powers. They get 5. Tops.


  • Hilt

    Generation comes with a Blood Potence minimum.

    Therefore, the first several generations of Vampires started off basically unable to feed on mortals wit out killing them, and really needed to feed on other vampires to satisfy hunger.

    Now think about Generations 1, 2, and 3.

    Caine, the first Vamp… started off probably genuinely unable to get sustenance from humans. Like Night #1, as the only lick in the world, he needed tomunch in other licks to be able to eat at ALL, and prolly so did Gens 2 and 3.

    It wasn’t until the 4th generation that any vampire became capable of feeding on anything but other vampires…