I can't friggin type.

  • Hilt

    So, as some of you might kniw, I love growing my fingernails oiy super long. Well, I just had to cut them all because reasons.

    Thing is, they were crazy long. The white part was about 2 and a half times the length of the pink part on most nsils.

    What this,means is that now my typing thumb us always off by a letter or two. With the nail, o had developed certain angles fir tuoing.

    So on IRC and gete, I’m gonna,have the worst spelling ever for awhile as I retrain my typing thumb. I play on my phine, so that’s why I talk of thumb.

    So… please be kind in your readings. Cuz 100% of the words that are correct herr are only that way because of autocorrects. Seriously. My typing game us fuuuuuuuucked. . . .


  • I… I’m fairly certain that your autocorrect sucks balls…

  • Honestly… I feel like this is the equivalent of clipping your toe nails in the living room while everyone’s having dinner.

  • Hilt

    Me telling you that I clipped the fingers?
    Nah, that would be if I showed you pics of the before, the after, and the clippings.


  • Hilt

    My bad…

  • Hilt

    In my defense…
    The details were me being proud of having nails. Cuz I love them.

    The details were not a description of the clipping process or of what the detached thingies looked like.

    Just for the nuanice here.