How do I PM/write love notes/hate mail/chat/voicemail/send cassette bombs

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    I put together a howto-PM. Hopefully, you can follow a series of images. If you can’t, may Satan have mercy upon you.

    First, click the button for it:

    Next, find the person you love/hate/wanna smash

    Enter some text and smash enter or crash the airplane into them.

    Oh, you wanna smash more people? Add them:


    You might have to refresh for it to show everyone but even if you don’t they are all there.

    Blow their goddamn minds

    If you leave a chat, it’s gone forever, into the vast void wherever souls go after you die. There is no way to recover them. So only do it, if you really hate that person. If you group chat and leave, everyone else can still talk about you behind your back.

    Don’t be dicks. We can still turn off the entire feature.