((OOC Apology for IC stuff caused by OOC stuff))

  • Hilt

    If ST’s need to delete this, I understand.

    So OOC, I’m having some serious memory problems about IC stuff specifically. The result has been that over the the last few weeks, Anja has seriously fucked over several people just cuz I totally forgot one crucial detail of a previous conversation. Like I just… OOC forgot until it was too late.

    I’ve talked with the ST’s who had good advice on how to forget less (take notes after a scene, use notes, and stuff), as well as the obvious see a doctor thing. But I am like 95% sure it’s cuz I’m always playing on my phone while watching tv with my hubby, so the constant distraction limits memory formation.

    Obviously I and they are suffering the IC consequences.

    But I wanted to say to all involved that… OOC sorry.

    I’m going to work on it with the notes stuff, and will see a doc in like a month if that doesn’t fix it.

    If you wanna have your characters give Anja a second chance like a month from now when I got my head on straight, I’d be grateful, but if you wanna have your character be like “hell naw,” I understand that too.

    But like… OOC MY BAD TO LIKE SIX HUNDRED PEOPLE. Like I was in a conversation this week where i broke 4 promises because of me being forgetful. FOUR! In one convo. Like how is that even possible. FOUR…

    I’ll stop typing cuz I’m rambling now.
    I just feel really shitty about this.

  • Hilt

    Was just reminded about the OOC
    Head injury that happneed right about the time that the memory problem started showing up.

    Def go doctor in a month.

    Shit. Sorry y’all.

    I’ll try to keep Anja out if crucial conversations until I get this,under wraps so I don’t keep fucking people over out of pure brain fails.

  • Dude, if you’re chilling with the hubby, chill with the hubby. Playing on a phone is hard enough already so just wait until you actually have the time to focus.

    Also, please make sure you don’t get too frantic about IC/OOC mix ups. When you get too immersed in the game and start stressing OOC about it, something is not right. You should step away from the game for a day or so, and let it settle a bit.

  • I’ve got ADHD, I understand the memory struggle. Sounds like you’ve given yourself all the advice you need. Know that people care, and that the game is just a game. Take care of yourself.

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    So long as you realize IC repercussions and outcomes will not change, it’s cool. Hopefully, everyone else will remember that as well. That what happens IC, happens IC and needs to be handled accordingly and not allow OOC circumstances to poison the well…so to speak.

  • Hilt

    Sweet boomsticks.