Introduce yourself.

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    Post here if you are new and want to introduce yourself.

  • I can actually do this for once.

    I’m Tobias, 31 years old.
    When I started playing roleplaying games it was Eon, 3rd Edition (Eon is a Swedish high fantasy roleplaying game with an incredible amount of lore and secrets). Altough Vampire has meant more to me than many things have, through this lovely game I’ve made life long friends, met people from far and wide and it has engaged me in studies and also helped me get a better idea of who I am.

    My days are very … empty. I quit studying a few years ago because I crashed and burned (mentally) and I havn’t recovered. I tried to do too much and I realized it too late. I do however intend to continue studying and life is actually moving forwards in a slow pace, but it’s moving.


  • Hey Guys; its me… Tiny… Aka Anthony. I am 31 almost 32, Married and have been doing Role-play for the last 17 years. I actually started in my high-school during lunches and after school, with a small table top group and we started with Vampire the Masquerade. I got my first online Role-play experience in an IRC Server that at the time was playing VTR. I have played in an online setting, VTR, VTM, WTA, CTL, D&D, Pathfinder, Shadowrun… through IRC, Discord, and Roll 20. I have never and probably never will just play in a “Freeform” game.

    Tabletop wise my top 3 settings and worlds…

    L5R, World of Darkness, and Star Wars Universe.

  • @tinyneustra Did you every play L5R card game? Unicorn FTW. UTAKU FOREVER!!!

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    I"m Zachery, aka Zak, aka Zakasaurus.

    If you want to know how old I am, I was born the year Reagan was elected president, feel free to do the math.

    I played VtM 2nd edition and VtDA in the 90’s both tabletop and online in AOL chatrooms. I stopped when I went to college, roughly around the same time that Revised came out.

    Earlier this year I started getting back into VtM when I found out V5 was coming out, found Sanguinus and signed up.

  • @duh Crane Bushi ftw

  • @tinyneustra ugh. Crane honour deck vs unicorn honour deck. Mine won 90% of the time. Just saying.

  • Greeting folks,
    My name is Justin. Looking forward to roleplaying Vampire the Masquerade. I find that online play allows for great experiences with folks around the world.

  • @browncoyote Welcome! Jump on in, the water is totally fine and not full of sharks!

  • Someone say sharks?

  • Hiya I’m new to Masquerade, some of you have seen me lurking in OOC hopefully I can get a concept down and be playing with you guys soon.
    um … I’ve played requiem since it came out, and the other new wod games in a LARP setting, otherwise I’ve played my fair share of DnD and Pathfinder, along with the Warhammer 40k RPGs. I’ve played the Masquerade Bloodlines game which is the most I’ve had access to, so with the reset thought this should be fun.
    If you wanna know something else just ask I might be able to tell ya.

  • Hilt

    Sounds like you need to make a Nosferatu, mhmm…

  • The stop signs here are a bit less argumentative, but it’s still a good time. Look forward to seeing you around!

  • Good Evening All,

    My name is Bernardo, and I am 23. I have played role playing games since i was 14 or so, but my experience with the World of Darkness and the Storyteller system is not as vast as I would like. I had a a VTM group a while back but it never really went too far due to difficulties with consistently getting together for sessions and what not. Although I have not had a chance to play it a whole lot, I have always loved the universe and the game’s relentless emphasis on personal horror, dramatic development, and political schemes. I was very glad I came across Sanguinus. After spending some time reading the server’s rules, and catching up on 5th ed I have finally mustered the courage to introduce myself. 🙂 I hope I can come up with a good character concept to get started.

    I hope to see you all soon!


  • @fernando-cardoso Hello and welcome!

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    One of us.
    One of us.

  • Hi, I’m Justin. Tall Justin. I used to play here for years.
    I’m 39, have a 18 y/o daughter, from a previous relationship, and a nearly 2 year old son with my wife, Ellen. I’m a musician, opera singer, etc.

  • Yay, it’s Tall Justin! I remember Tall Justin.

    Also Hiya, I’m Selks and used to play here back when my hair was free of grey streaks…in fact playing here might have been what added the grey. I generally float around being the weird Scottish guy who gets dragged into voice chats to say “I can’t do that captain, I don’t have the power”, which I find really weird since no Scot has ever played Scotty.

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    You come back! Right now! I mean it! Shakes her finger

  • @selks Yes. All of ya’ll veterans need to come back and stir some stuff up 😉 good stirring.