Introduce yourself.

  • Hello everyone, I’m Pug. I’m new to this version of Vampire, but I played a lot of 1st and 2nd years ago. Looking forward to some IC time with you all soon!

  • @pug welcome, yon pug!

  • Hey Licks. I’m Todd. some of you may remember me from New Corsica as the Ill Fated Malkavian Ronnie and the ComiC Geek Nosferatu Bug. and well I am back!

  • Welcome back! Unless you mean OG New Corsica, I don’t remember you! BUT, welcome back

  • @toddonfire welcome back

  • Hi all, I’m Erwin. Have played here previously and stopped when the transfer to V5 came around. Was planning on coming back a lot sooner, but life got in the way. Hope to see you all soon 🙂

  • Hilt

    Who’d ya play, back in the day? Just to help me remember whether I remember you or not.

  • @onyx Played a Brujah named Stanley

  • Hi everyone! My name is Brie. I use to play on Sang a long time ago, during the New Corsica chronicle. I am a work-from-home mom and I am also going to school full time. I enjoy all types of games. Both table top and video games. I have a 20-month-old daughter named River. I am also pregnant with her little sister. I look forward to getting back into roleplaying with you all!

  • OMG WB!!!

  • Hello Everyone!

    Azriel De’mourn here! People usually call me Azzy for short.

    I have played a lot of table tops and free form RP’s (20 years and 16 years respectively). My experience with WOD and Vampire however constitutes the GeekandSundry series I just finished catching up on. So I am excited to learn the way the system works, the manual already has a bunch of ideas running through my head. I’m also new to IRC/Forum style table top games, so I’m sorry if I make a few mistakes early on. Don’t be afraid to point something out if it seems weird to you. I don’t mind nudges in the right direction!

  • Welcome, wierdo! You will feel right at home.

  • Oh hey, maybe I should post here myself!

    I’m Hel, I play Helena! Funny enough, Hel was actually going to be the nickname of the nosferatu character I had in mind before I made Helena, as half of her face would’ve been kinda… melted into Nosferatu mush.

    I’ve played Vampire: the Requiem many times before, but this is my first adventure into the Masquerade! I looked up ‘Online Vampire: the Masquerade games’ and this was one of the first search results. So, here I am.

    I’m pretty shy, but always happy to meet people. 😄

  • Richard/ fotwhat Been here a few months with my Nos character looking at the site for almost a year so every night is always a adventure

  • Nosferatu

    I haven’t posted here yet either. I’m Thiago, a.k.a. Ticomat, a.k.a. Robbie. I used to play Alex, the paranoid Malk from the Chicago Chronicle, until my notebook stopped working for a year. Now I ended up coming back since the Bloodlines 2 trailer awoke the dormant vampire lover inside of me. I’m a nerd from Brazil who loves tabletops, and Sanguinus was my introduction to online rp’ing.

  • Unbound

    Hello, I’m Ken. I’m 37 and have been roleplaying since I was a kid. Started off with 2nd Ed D&D and have been rp’ing ever since happily. I’ve always loved the WoD setting, while I haven’t gotten much time for it in the last few years I’m looking forward to getting back into it. Started off on the old official white wolf chat and have played several of the others over the years. Very much looking forward to getting to know everyone.

  • Welcome to the game, Ken.

  • Mornin’ (for me) folks. Just joined today and figured I’d say hi.

    Currently reside in the UK and have been roleplaying on and off for years, less so now with a job etc. There is something of a time difference issue, as I understand the majority of the community as based in the US but hopefully will still be able to catch you guys sometime. I can be a bit of a night owl on the weekdays.

  • Storytellers

    Two of the STs are from the UK, actually. Welcome!

  • Unbound

    welcome to the game