• I, Emmeric Durand of Clan toreador hereby record the following boon:

    • 1 minor boon, payable to Reznor upon delivery of requested service.

    ::signed with Emm’s flourish::

  • Hilt

    And I, Anja, had pledged a minor to The Syndicate. I look forward to finding out how Favors owed to now extinct coteries will be handled.

  • Storytellers

    Thanks for waiting almost 2 fucking weeks to write it down the day they wipe out debts owed to the old crews. See if I ever pull a stake out of your chest and deal with your rambling on about bullshit after ever again.

  • Hilt

    To TJ and the others formerly of the Syndicate,

    I wrote this before Aidan made that announcement, not after.

    I haven’t even had a chance to meet any of you to discuss what an alternative to this ruling might look like for us. I had hoped, given the particulars of this specific case, to approach you and agree to something since having a debt for being de-staked didn’t sit well with me either. Obviously that’s just weird in this case.

    I only waited to write the debt down because I thought Yves and I were supposed to approach Mr J together to have it signed (we were never in the market together at the same time as our proprietor), because I thought that since recording debts ourselves is forbidden, that this practice of writing them this way was as well.

    I had likewise assumed that the decision regarding coterie favors would be both very different than it was and would be decided through consensus rather than edict.

    This was in no way an attempt to avoid reimbursing you for unstaking me.


  • There is no requirement, nor has there been, that I am present with all parties for a favor to be recorded. Jane is an extension of me, alert her of debts owed if I am not visibly present.

    ((Pm Jaxon on the forums or alert a storyteller online if a debt needs to be recorded in the book))

    alt text

  • Hilt

    Thank you.