Regular Social Dancing

  • Hilt

    So like,

    If you’re just being a white people at a thing with music and people are dancing, doing standard white people dancing or whatever, and you’re not performing or being amazing, what Stat is that?

    Performance even though no perform?
    Etiquette cuz social setting knowledge?
    Athletics cuz body moves?

    Or is it like Drive, where even a character with 0 dots can do an aite job at it if it fits their backstory, but it just won’t be like -impressive- unless they have dots in Performance?


  • Storytellers

    Per the corebook you can attempt things unskilled with no additional penalty… but so long as it’s just like dancing in a scene and you’re not attempting to impress anyone or anything like that, you just rp it.

    The skill is still performance.

  • Hilt

    Sweet muffins of fire!

  • Pretty sure that with 0 Performance you just suck at dancing.

    In Sang Drive 0 literally means you can’t drive a manual car so basically you don’t know how to drive and you are probably terrible at stuff like parking a car without a back camera to assist you.

    Then again I am not sure how V5 handles 0 in abilities.

    Before you could still role the associated attributes except knowledge and at a penalty for skills.

    Or for more funny offensive stereotypes women “can” drive, white people are terrible at dancing (except if they have like 4 or 5 in Dex) and old people can’t use a computer at all.
    So in the end all is balanced. 🙂

  • Pfft Bek why you has to post before me and ruin my post. ☹

  • @isadorbg I was told that you didn’t need to buy Drive 1 unless you were planning to do reckless stunts or something. I believe it was assumed that you knew at least how to drive an automatic?

  • yeah you can drive an automatic car even with Drive 0 from what I remember. I was mostly jesting.

    Mostly because back in my days long looong ago in the 2000’s knowing how to drive a manual car was mandatory to get your permit among other things but hey things changes I guess.

  • So would not knowing how to drive at all be a Flaw then? Or Drive -1?

  • @isadorbg Ah, okay, I get you!