Wait Times and Experience Spends

  • Storytellers

    We’re bringing in some clearer rules regarding learning times and purchases!

    Learning Times

    For most level 1-3 spends, you may buy as soon as you have the XP, without a waiting period.There are certain exceptions and caveats:

    • You must wait at least 1 month between multiple purchases of an item. IE: You may buy Whittling 1 and then Basketweaving 1 immediately. However, if you buy Whittling 1 you must wait a month before purchasing Whittling 2.
    • The exceptions are Allies, Contacts, Mask, and Retainer. IE: If you want a 2 dot Retainer you may either purchase both dots at once or you may buy a 1 dot Retainer and increase that to a 2 dot later down the line.
    • For Haven: You may buy any amount of base Haven at once and up to 1 dot of an Amenity (such as Haven 2, Laboratory 1). For any further purchases for that Haven you’ll need to wait the month cool-off period.
    • For influence purchases you need a rough outline plan with the skills/ability to back it up.
    • We are waiving the book wait times for Rituals (both Blood Sorcery and Thin-Blood Alchemy). Instead of Ritual Level Squared, you simply need to wait a month between Ritual spends as with other purchases.
    • We reserve the right to tell you to balance yo damn sheet out before buying a thing.

    Level 4+ spends require Lead ST approval.

    Out of Clan Disciplines

    For all Out of Clan Discipline spends you need:

    • A teacher who knows the Discipline at 1 level higher than the Discipline Power you wish to learn, and who knows the specific Power you wish to learn. If you wish to learn Daunt you will need a teacher who knows Daunt and has Presence of at least level 2

    • To feed on blood with the matching type of Resonance

    • To play out 4 lessons with the teacher, no more than 1 per week. Let an ST know after each one.

    • For the first dot of an Out of Clan Discipline you must taste the blood of one who possesses it.

    • Note: Blood Sorcery is often jealously guarded by those who possess it and is not taught to outsiders.


    Fluency in a new language is no easy matter, and not something that can be done overnight. Learning a new language will take (7 minus Intelligence) x 3 weeks. If you have an IC tutor this will make things somewhat easier and give you a 2 week reduction in the wait time, but lessons will need to be played out.