Homework from the STs

  • I have definitely learned a lot more about art and music the last few months thanks to Duh and Justin. I’m still a pleb but I’m WORKIN’ ON IT.

  • …Also conspiracy theories and other weird shit – literally – thanks and no thanks to Syn! 🤢

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  • Hilt

    Now I’m not saying that I did or started these things for Vampire and that I wouldn’t have done them without it… But I am saying that the thought of “just think how much they’ll deepen my Vampire Lores” was about 10-30% of my motivation for them, depending on which item we’re talking about.

    • BA religious studies
    • Added in courses in Medieval European History and ME Art History. Saying that again, I chose my courses in undergrad based on how much they would intersect with Vampire Lores. Actually, Vtm was like 90% of my motivation for these ones.
    • MA Biblical Languages.
    • Current program in Mythological Studies.


  • Storytellers

    Things I’ve learned because of VtM on Sang:

    • I also read “The Prince”
    • The history of the Second Sino-Japanese War and American immigration policy around that time
    • How to look up random-ass laws from cities I’m not familiar with
    • The Great Depression - common food, the effect on families, etc
    • The history of home PCs
    • Read “The Yellow Wallpaper”
    • Styles of rap
    • if you hide convert your wikipinions to binary and then hide it all in the page code people will get annoyed with you
    • the rise of electricity in America
    • The features of cults (and the Camarilla counts, apparently)
    • Italian immigration to America in the late 1800s to early 1900s
    • Anti-Italian and anti-Catholic bigotry in America
    • terms of endearment in Italian
    • Americanized Italian food and what socio-economic differences caused such a split from normal Italian food
    • “The Nutcracker” ballet
    • A bunch of research on psychology
    • So much research on drugs and alcohol I’m probably on some list at this point
    • how much blood is in an average human (in case I needed help getting on A LIST)
    • Italian curses and the religious nature of them
    • how to mold my phone’s predictive text to easily emote certain OCD derangements quickly and without giving myself carpal tunnel

    and a lot more