On having a life and not being shamed for it

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    Tonight, we banned Browncoyote (Charm) from the server due to his being incredibly disrespectful to our staff. He had the audacity to call Brian,“sketch” because he is not able to be online as much as that dude felt was necessary in order to have one, let alone two NPCs.

    He then also had the audacity to tell us to “monetize” and get an “age verification system” because he killed a character whose player we later realized, was under 18.

    “[00:02] on a side note
    [00:02] get an age verification system and monetize.
    [00:03] 2018
    [00:03] That whole thing with Leo was fucked up.
    [00:03] <@Earl> This is a free game.
    [00:03] I didn’t sign up to kill players who are underage
    [00:04] Fort nite is for that
    [00:04] <@Earl> This game is 18+ and he lied.
    [00:04] <@Earl> End of story.
    [00:05] k”

    Now, normally we do not air our dirty laundry in this manner, but I felt it was necessary in this instance. We have always striven to not shame people for missing IC things due to real life circumstances. We have gone out of our way to ensure they did not miss things like acknowledgments in the past and if IC meetings had to be missed, we tried to ensure that was not held against anyone. The only time the inability to attend events is a “thing” is in the case of anyone who held a position. Then we simply asked for the player to step aside to allow someone who can attend events a chance to do so.

    I would think that that courtesy would be extended to my staff, but apparently, at least in this case, it was not. That is REALLY unacceptable. Brian currently works nights and while he may not be on the server, none of you realize the countless hours spent behind the scenes discussing things and ensuring we run a good, fun game. This is not our full-time job. This is something we do for fun and in our spare time. But trust me, it can sometimes be a second full-time job.

    Additionally, I will NOT stand for anyone being a dick to my staff. Or anyone on the server for that matter. But especially my staff. We do not mind questions or concerns voiced to us, but I will be DAMNED if I will allow anyone to try to shame my staff for their inability to be around OR to try to tell US how to run things.

    I am also posting this because there was an extremely recent In Character issue going on with this guy’s character and I wanted to assure everyone, that had nothing to do with his ban. I can take that sort of in character heat. What I can not and will not take is blatant disrespect and flagrant assholishness toward my staff.

    Anyone who does that can fuck right the fuck off.

    Stef AKA Malevolence (Sometimes I live up to my nick.)

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    alt text

    That and it’s a 45 minute drive each way. So the days I work, work is all I do. So what does that mean I do for the rest of my days off? Well, for one, my grandmother is in hospice now so I’ve been dealing with that. My mother is getting ready to retire so I’m helping my parents downsize. I have two cute little nephews that beg for me to play video games with. I have friends that want to see me. I signed divorce papers last week, so that’s one less thing I have to worry about! I have errands to run, I have to cook food for the week. All in two to three days a week.

    But hey, let me give you a all a peek behind the curtain. All day, I am in constant contact with the rest of staff. If you are ever dealing with staff in chambers and they say “hang on a sec”, there is a chance I am weighing in on the topic. I do this from my desk at work It’s awesome. Also, yesterday I read the entire manuscript of Chicago By Night For V5 and put up some notes for review on what we might be able to roll into our game to make our city more… well city-like. I also have voice chat meetings with the rest of staff, sometimes while I am at the grocery store or in my car.

    Some of you know I was laid off a few months back. One thing I learned during that time is that I don’t have enough savings to see me through more than a few months of troubles like that. I am busting ass to build up that cushion.

    I am available if you reach out and schedule with me for a scene on my days off. I will make it a point to be there. Because it is important to me that you all have fun! I love to entertain, I love to have fun, I love to be a goofy motherfucker and make you all deal with my shitty puns even before I was an ST!

    I don’t need to explain myself to you all, because most of you respect the staff. But hey, just a little peek behind the curtain to show the effort that goes into making this server amazing can’t hurt right?

    Love you all!!

    Brian aka Brain aka Punmaster Brain

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    also you can watch this video to see what I do! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvluuAIiA50

  • Hey I’m totally brand new here, but I just wanted to say thanks for this!

    It is good to not only see some open communication about issues like this, but also that you people (what do you mean, you people?!) take it seriously that people have real lives.

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    Since it was brought up in the context of insulting Brain and it really bothered me,

    I’m on a lot.
    A LOT.
    I’m not always IC, but I’m often on the server at weird times and available for at least some STing (and have run combat at stupid hours of night).

    As many of you know, I’m disabled and not currently employed - and I live in the middle of fucking Mississippi so there’s not much to DO if I did go out, which I don’t often because that would require someone drive me. Even when doing housework I often am able to be on the server without issue.

    I was cleared to attempt to return to scheduled work at least part-time by my neurologist just before TNiQ, so I’ve been filling out applications and job hunting since coming back. Once I get a job, I won’t be on nearly as often as Archon.

    Most of you are very kind, considerate people, but do not EVER use my availability because disability (or living in a boring-ass town, etc) as a reason to criticize the hard and constant work the other STs put in just because they’re not on the server when you happen to be.

    This has been a PSA!


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    Dear STs,

    Thank you for everything you do that we see and that we don’t see to make this game great. I appreciate the work all of you put in to make the experience what it is.

    Zahana, aka Zak, aka Zakasaurus,

  • Hilt

    For real y’all…
    What Zakalicious said.
    But like even more than that, and better stated and more touching and with cooler words and like times infinity cuz it’s totally a competition to see who writes the best thank you nite and I just won so neener neeners on Zakathustra. What a chump. 😆

  • Dear STs,

    Thanks for all you do.

    Dear Matt & Stef… thanks for not monetizating, and by that I mean paying for everything.

    Much love

    The only Justin.

  • As an ex staffer, I know there’s a LOT of time, blood, sweat & tears going into Sang. I think it’s fair to say that 60-70% of the work done is happening behind the curtain. It’s pretty much a full-time job done for and by passionate people. And often ungrateful work.
    You all have my appreciation and thanks, dear staffers. Thank you for keeping this (legendary) server alive and exciting. Kudos for all you do, the stories you create, the sheets you approve, the NPC’s you play and so much more.

    Thank you ❤