I am the ghost of assholes past...

  • Found an old Jacques log… thought I’d share:

    I am going to say a few words, and then take my leave. May I, Whip Garcia?
    I’m not one to stop you.
    You may, of course, say your share after I have left.

    • Rhianna looks at her hands like a scoulded child.
      Rhianna… there are a few things you need to know. ::he begins to count off on his fingers::
    • Salvador folds his hands behind his back
      First and foremost, you have not yet met the seneschal. You have no official permission to reside in this city. By all rights, Deputy Garcia-Martinez is well within his rights to call the scourge in here to remove you.
      To begin by insulting a battle blooded, and well-respected member of Clan Gangrel… Deputy, Whip… rumour has it, soon to be Primogen? That, that is not wise.
      Also, I believe… did I not forbid “Beast” from being in your presence?
      You advised aginst it Sir…
      The man is on probationary status. He is an outlander, and a fool. ::he looks to Salvador:: No insult intended.
      !roll 7 6 intim
    • Archon : Jacques rolled : 7 4 3 4 6 7 4 (3 Successes)
    • Rhianna whimpers
      You will speak when I ask you to, whelp!
    • Jacques bellows in rage.
      Until the man’s standing has improved in the eyes of his grace you are forbidden from being seen with him at any locale excluding Elysium.
      Am I clear?
      Yes sir.
      I am incredibly disappointed. And wounded.
      If you shame the toreador… you will reckon with me. Your reputation within the blood will suffer. I will disgrace you.
    • Jacques looks to Salvador.
    • Rhianna stands visibly shaking
      Do as you wish with her. She does not have the protection of the court, nor… for the next hour… ::he looks back at her, his eyes simmering with rage:: of the toreador.

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    shivers Loved him so hard. Also, Guy needs to get his ass back here too!

  • @malevolence I read that log, and was like. “Must post.” I told Guy, but he said he’s “busy” or some shit. Feel free to harass him on facebook.