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    Found an old Jacques log… thought I’d share:

    <Jacques> I am going to say a few words, and then take my leave. May I, Whip Garcia?
    <Salvador> I’m not one to stop you.
    <Jacques> You may, of course, say your share after I have left.

    • Rhianna looks at her hands like a scoulded child.
      <Jacques> Rhianna… there are a few things you need to know. ::he begins to count off on his fingers::
    • Salvador folds his hands behind his back
      <Jacques> First and foremost, you have not yet met the seneschal. You have no official permission to reside in this city. By all rights, Deputy Garcia-Martinez is well within his rights to call the scourge in here to remove you.
      <Jacques> To begin by insulting a battle blooded, and well-respected member of Clan Gangrel… Deputy, Whip… rumour has it, soon to be Primogen? That, that is not wise.
      <Jacques> Also, I believe… did I not forbid “Beast” from being in your presence?
      <Rhianna> You advised aginst it Sir…
      <Jacques> The man is on probationary status. He is an outlander, and a fool. ::he looks to Salvador:: No insult intended.
      <Jacques> SILENCE.
      <Jacques> !roll 7 6 intim
    • Archon : Jacques rolled : 7 4 3 4 6 7 4 (3 Successes)
      <Jacques> <3>
    • Rhianna whimpers
      <Jacques> You will speak when I ask you to, whelp!
    • Jacques bellows in rage.
      <Jacques> Until the man’s standing has improved in the eyes of his grace you are forbidden from being seen with him at any locale excluding Elysium.
      <Jacques> Am I clear?
      <Rhianna> Yes sir.
      <Jacques> I am incredibly disappointed. And wounded.
      <Jacques> If you shame the toreador… you will reckon with me. Your reputation within the blood will suffer. I will disgrace you.
    • Jacques looks to Salvador.
    • Rhianna stands visibly shaking
      <Jacques> Do as you wish with her. She does not have the protection of the court, nor… for the next hour… ::he looks back at her, his eyes simmering with rage:: of the toreador.

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    shivers Loved him so hard. Also, Guy needs to get his ass back here too!

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    @malevolence I read that log, and was like. “Must post.” I told Guy, but he said he’s “busy” or some shit. Feel free to harass him on facebook.