Regarding Charm

  • :: With his neat handwriting ::

    If you’re looking for Charm but cannot find her (?) they’ve been destroyed by Mr. Johnson for being rude to him and our Baron, joining the ranks of the other Nosferatu, Doc whose head was also released from his (?) body.

    This was a notice of Destruction.


  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Correction: I ordered no such destruction. I don’t have people killed for being “rude” to me. Not that the thought never crossed my mind

    I was told Charm was destroyed after assaulting Jane, Mr. Johnson’s ghoul.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • Holy hell, Felicia, I hope not or I’d be headless myself. Any reports of Charm’s death due to rudeness are fakenews. She died because she doesn’t like to party. That and she struck Jane, who apparently beat her ass into torpor. It’s against the rules of the market, and obviously a terrible idea.

    • Emmeric Durand

  • Thanks for the correction, Felicia - I must have misheard. My apologies to everyone.


  • Reznor was not spreading fake news. To clarify, Charm was destroyed for being rude to me and disrespecting/assaulting my property (Jane) and domain. This was not done by order of the Baron as Felicia clarified, but through my right as domain holder.

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