New Years

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    In case I miss any of you.
    If there are any questions or concerns contact me here: (### ###-####)
    -Claire Wilcot

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    Sorry Claire, but I already be making plans for that night.

    • Yves

  • This event will not be taking place at The Collective. I wish Claire well in finding in a new venue, she has made it clear that she wishes to be her own woman and eschew the assistance and wisdom of her clan, so I’m sure she will figure something out.


  • Good for her, spreading her own wings. Fly, little sparrow, fly.

    • Emmeric

  • Party is cancelled. Couldn’t find a suitable new place on short notice. Everyone please have a good night, and think about what you all have accomplished this year.

    ::Signed by Claire Wilcot.::

  • I love the idea of reflection on accomplishments! Thank you for the prompt, Claire. I am sorry your own wiles couldn’t reinvigorate your “party”, but perhaps it’ll serve as an instructional moment for you. Doubtful, but isn’t New Year a time for aspirational hope?

    For my part in reflections, I am amazed at what we have accomplished in the past year. Certainly, it has not been without challenges, but such is the reality of these nights.

    We have resettled a city that was wiped out previously. We began as a ragtag bunch, the outcasts or the enterprising, and began to form the normal strappings of a proper society. We, the youngest of all, have established a proper society, leadership, and governance - under the leadership of our Baron as consented to by the majority.

    During that time, we have carved out half of the city as ours, formed agile and focused coteries which will continue to grow and defend our strength. We have opened establishments that are creating growth and progress within the city. As we continue to form a proper system of governance, we have eradicated all breaches, and let the Tower know that we are more than just a little annoyance (that’s for all of you who were thick enough to believe The Collective opening was to court the Tower and questioned our discussions with them).

    We have a lot to do. But I am confident the coteries, our people, and our leaders will continue to guide us towards further progress in the coming months.

    For those interested, of course the Collective is open tonight. Please respect the space and enjoy the beautiful setting, but it is not done under the auspices of a rude, presumptuous, and weak Faux-reador.

    To what we may accomplish next year, cheers.