Stuff you'll notice, if you are a noticer of such things..

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    In what could be called a “Christmas Miracle” wild roses have sprung up around either side of the entrance of the Blessed Sacrament Church. They aren’t the prettiest things, but they do look nice when framed against snow when it falls.

    Inside the church, the Holy Water font is also full of, well, Holy Water.

    At the Houseboat, a white cat is now prowling around. It is skittish and will not approach Cainites, but it also doesn’t run and makes its presence known frequently.

    At the skating rink, the heavy smell of garlic permeates the air and a huge sign over the snack bar proclaims that “Handmade Pizza!” is now on the menu, supplied by Frank and Angie’s Pizzeria in Midtown.

    At the entrance of Sporty’s Pool Hall, on the floor, is a plethora of bird seed. Jane, if she is there, seems quite proud of herself in that she has befriended a few pigeons who live in the rafters of the dilapidated Hall.