What is this Board?

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    This is the representation of “The Book” whose caretaker is Mr .Johnson. In it will be harpy-like posts, a list of “Favors” owed by whom to whom, news, alerts, newspaper clippings, pressed flowers, a silverfish or three and probably other stuff.

    Mr. Johnson also maintains a “Deep Web” version, access to which must be obtained through him.

    The Book is always IC. Meaning, you can post to Mr. Johnson (Jaxon) via pm to post things or you yourself can post to it. Please keep it brief. The Book already weighs 3 tons and while Mr. Johnson (who may or may not be one clan or the other, who knows?) may be strong and able to carry it around, his Ghoul, who also maintains it, is not.

    And he or she is known for their ability to whinge inventively.