Internal Monologues

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    This is just a friendly reminder that your emotes should only contain what is noticable to other characters. They shouldn’t contain thoughts or feelings, please convey through body language instead!

    Camilla stomped through the palace. ‘Fuck these bitches’, she thought to herself, reflecting on all the people who had laughed at her and tried to prevent her from being Queen. Pah! She’d make them pay. As she neared the throne room she turned over in her mind… where exactly could one buy hemlock at this late hour?

    Too much! It’s spoilerific, and can lead to people accidentally taking information IC they have no way of knowing.

    Camilla had a thunderous look as she stomped heavily through the palace towards the throne room. As she swept through, the thunder turned to cold calculation. She turned to the butler and ordered him to bring her a copy of the Yellow Pages

    Is much better