Internal monologues

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    We just had an announcement about dis.

    Like I simultaneously 100% agree and like I need to state the general emotion my character is portraying amid the observable descriptions just cuZ otherwise like -all- the people misread my characters.

    They think Anja and Attis are being combative or hella disrespectful or censored when I think I’m portraying them as being very different than that. Heck, even when I state the portrayed emotion they still get misread half the time.

    Which of course means that I suck at emotes. Like obv, definitely. But with the training wheels on I have moderate success at portraying emotions. If I take these things off we’ll be back in the days where everything that happened to my characters was meaningless cuz it hasdnothing to do with what I meant ever (ok, so that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, or you know, a lot).

    I do try to improve. I do.
    But please don’t take away my training wheels. ::sniffles:: I’ll die without them. Of dysentery and french. And ananas on pizza.

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    Posting of Internal monologue has always been against the rules. If you need help with your emotes, talk to us, we will help as best we can.

    But posting what is not obvious is a form of well poisoning and skews roleplay.

    That said if someone does take the time to emote well, respect it. That’s for everyone. Do not simply ignore or act like the intimidating,angry or even sad or incredibly happy person in front of you is simply posting they are there. Respect the role-play and respect the player.

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    Also keep in mind your char can look angry, sad, curious etc. They just cant let X know that they are suspicious of their motives… but you can still give them a sharp or suspicious look, then rp does the rest

  • @Onyx Something I have done before (and still do for certain things) is have “preset” emotes that I use. For certain emotions or feelings that my character is likely to have (or that I see crop up repeatedly through interactions). Drawing from older chars, things like:

    • “Luis meanders into the room…” to often portray the slow and seemingly purposeless way he generally interacted with the world
    • “…smiles with a hint of mirth reaching even his eyes.” For a particularly good joke or close connection
    • “A maelstrom of emotions from (emotion a) to (emotion b), in combination with many others, gives Luke pause before they are drowned out, finally, by an unbridled fury.” For things that gave him a range of emotions but ultimately gave in to the Brujah anger (or whatever other emotion won out)
      I’m not saying this are great emotes, but ones that I spent time crafting either before or because of something that I expected to happen often. This way you have some go to emotes that you can modify as you play for some stability with access to flexibility.

    And of course the STs are wonderful and can help you.

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    The thing is, in roleplay it is all about just that, the roleplay. In life, a good many people never show emotion on their faces or may be in the best mood ever but have “resting bitch face.”

    I myself have constantly been told through my life, “SMILE!” because I’m not showing any emotion. Or asked why I’m upset when I’m totally not. I’m just not an expresser. But that doesn’t fly in rp. We can’t hear tone of voice or anything.

    That’s why I take time to try to type like I talk, or how I want the words to be conveyed. I use alot of - around words- to emphasize them or … to show pauses. Neither should be used excessively but they do help convey tone and mood.

    For example:

    “I talked to Yves today and it was interesting.”

    That is kind of bland. It conveys no emotion. But:

    “I…talked to Yves today and it was…interesting.”

    That conveys something, the hesitance, the possible confusion. Notice there are not even any facial expressions written about, but if I was IC with that person, my character sure would saying, “Well, come on, spill it, what happened?”

    Another example is:

    “I did not go there.” Simple. to the point. But if you say, “I did -not- go there.” That conveys vehemence. A vehement denial. Which can lead to further roleplay. Again, notice there is no emotion written, but there is emotion in that sentence, just by using some clever little tricks of punctuation.

    But the flipside of all of this is for your fellow roleplayers to respect your roleplay. I have repeatedly admonished people to read for comprehension and to roleplay well and to respect the other person’s emotes. We are ALL about the roleplay here, not the roll play. Roll play is boring. Needed sometimes, but constantly rolling dice is not roleplay. It may work in tabletop but doesn’t here.

    ESPECIALLY when someone emotes:

    “She enters the room, a stormy expression on her face, brows knit, lips pulled to thin lines. She slams the door then drops heavily into a chair.”

    There are three annoying things I have seen after emotes like this:

    1- !roll some dice for empathy


    2- “Hi. How are you?”

    or worse

    3- total ignoring.

    For example number 1- IT’S IN THE EMOTES. lol. It’s perfectly OKAY to read that and take it in character without silly dice rolling. What happens if you fail? Are you seriously not able to tell that this person, who is CLEARLY mad, is not? yeah yeah, I know we have dice and sheets and people like dice, but I would much prefer you read my emotes and respect them and continue the roleplay, not pause for dice rolls that if the don’t succeed, will probably halt roleplay or lead to a boring ass conversation.

    For number 2- cripes, if someone walked into your house like that, would you REALLY say, “How are you?” or would you probably be likely to say something like, “jesus, what the fuck is wrong?!”

    For three- unacceptable, disrespectful and just plain boring, bad roleplay.

    If you are in a conversation, emote your tone. Do not expect everyone to be able to read your mind. There is always a lot of confusion when things are said without the context of portrayed emotion that can lead to IC misconception.

    But emoting tone does NOT mean you turn it into a long expository novel. Look at the example Syn posted on the announcement for an example. You are not an evil villain who totes wants your char to understand your every motivation and reason through some paragraphs long explanation that contains no tone, conversation or context. That is not good roleplay either. It is poisoning the well. Once someone reads you are pissed that you had a fight with the Prince you met outside who turned down your request for domain and ran over your ghoul’s toe with their Rolls AND was wearing white after Labor Day, you can not unread that. Nothing in your tone or expression conveys your anger at that the fashion choices, uncaring attitude and arrogance of the person you just fought with. But the stormy expression can lead to questions which leads to roleplay, which leads to…get the picture?

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    @malevolence said in Internal monologues:

    For number 2- cripes, if someone walked into your house like that, would you REALLY say, “How are you?” or would you probably be likely to say something like, “jesus, what the fuck is wrong?!”

    Just thought of another thing that may be said. Someone walks in, clearly mad and you may say, “So…uhm…how are you?” That shows a bit of hesitance in asking, maybe some fear.

    The person may then post, “Just fucking peachy, how are -you-?” Which again, conveys emotion.

    I could go on and on, but it all boils down to- emote well, convey what you are feeling through those emotes but remember, no one can read your mind.

  • @malevolence Love this. All very good points and very helpful things to keep in mind.

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    @malevolence But how are you?

  • How you doin?

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    you talkin’ to ME?

  • @malevolence — I’m talkin’ to you, -yeah!-

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