Don’t block people from leaving

  • Tonight, as many saw, Claire and I went to chat privately at the market. Unfortunately, the conversation was not productive.

    Even more unfortunately, she refused to move away from the door and allow me to leave when I asked, despite my repeated requests for exit, she doubled down and would not move. Do not block in a vampire.

    So, I torpored her and she is now in my care. I will account my actions to Mr. Johnson to determine if my self defense and acts towards freedom meet his standards for violence.


  • I would just like to make it known that what Tucker said is true. I did block him from leaving. He did ask several times for me to move and I did not. While I am certainly not happy with the outcome, it was an expected one, and I was a fool for pushing him to it.
    I would like to apologize here to Tucker, as well as my clan for my actions, as well for any issue this situation has caused. I offer a minor boon to Tucker as restitution for this event and any harm it may have caused his reputation. I hope this can pave the way to leaving this event behind us.

    ::Signed Claire Wilcot::