Goals and Ambitions

  • Hi, folks. I’m reminded of the Workshop, and how it was noted that, after awhile, if a player finds their character’s goals and such at odds - or the STs feel they aren’t being followed - they would work with the player in chambers to see about better ways to express them, or if a new character might be better suited.

    Is there a way that, as role-play ensues and in-game experiences accrue, that a PC may find their goals actually changing? It’s hard to follow a script that was pretty speculative. And game-play can do so much to change a character’s outlook.

    Thanks for any input!

  • This is a really good question actually. I’ve been hung up on the goals for some time because setting a goal without having seen play yet I could be setting myself up for disaster or just an uphill battle without actually knowing it yet.

  • This is something the STs will work on with the player. We all definitely know that a character on paper is one thing but once in RP it can be slightly different. The big thing is that any revised or changed goals should continue to fit with the concept of the character, which is what we’d work with ya’ll on if needed.

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    They are able to be changed. However remember that in doing so it will lenghten time for any possible reward.

    Each one should play into the next though.

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    There may be times when you need to change the goal, or like said, rp shifts it. This natural in-game shift is something we can help with in chambers, but it shouldn’t happen all the time. If it does, we will probably need to think about why the things picked keep on needing to be changed. That being said, if you are sucking up to A because you want a thing, and B asks you to do punch A and then they will give you the thing… well, it makes sense you might no longer have a goal of helping A.

    Generally though they should feed into larger/longer term goals and therefore shouldn’t be too fluid in and of themselves, you still want the thing, so you can get to the place.

  • A characters goal can change of course, it happends in all games, larps and also oocly. Vampires are quite eternal (except those who dies) and keeping one goal forever is an improbability. Short term goals tend to sway more for younger characters, the fledgling is concerned with pleasing their sire and clan and get released while the Neonate has many years to work on becoming Ancillae or something else through various means. In the long run the goal for all characters are almost initally always the same; gain power and survive, rule and conquer in your way. They are predators after all.