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    Reputation is an ongoing consideration for all Cainites, even Anarchs, as it is how your peers in the community view you by and large. It is the summation of the intangible rumours and stories floating about you. Therefore we want to give the player base an opportunity to input into this and give us things to consider when we run through and do it as STs (much in the same way we used to do status).

    However this should only be done if you have had a reasonable amount of interaction with a character and to have a solid IC reason for submitting it. Rep is that intangible thing that others ‘know’ about the character and therefore should reflect how the community and its notables feel about them. Keep in mind that just because something is submitted we shall still be setting what the ST team feel is appropriate, but we certainly want to see what each IC char feels too. This is completely anonymous to those you submit the rep for, so you don’t need to worry about that. Just don’t be nice for the sake of it, or mean just 'cuz. It’s an IC thing and we want to make it both relevant and reflective of gameplay. Also keep in mind that static flaws such as suspect will remain and should be considered in your own characters thinking.


    Rep Form Here

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    We’re starting to get submissions, which is awesome! Keep it up.

    However, please keep in mind that you must choose at least one positive and at least one negative mod for all the characters you submit for. You can’t leave the positive section entirely blank even if your char hates this other guys’ guts, for example.

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    hey, get your submissions in! A lot of you haven’t. This will be closing soon.