Sadface with a slightly happy ending

  • Hilt

    So, as I was doing the Reputation forms, I had this terrifying and sad realization.

    I had been thinking there were lots of us here, but that some of us were more constant than others.

    Now I’m realizing that the number of non-ST characters is very small. Like before I had been all “there are like 50 people that are just on at different times than me.” But now I’m like “Wait, are there more ST’s than players?”

    So like I already had HUGE respect for the work the ST’s do… but now I’m like “Damn that’s even more crazy impressive if y’all doing all that for like 10* people!”

    • ((“10” = “10 or 12 plus yourselves, so really like 16 or 20 or somrthing”))

    So that’s the slightly happy ending, with the slightly" having to do with the sadface of low population. Y’all are some impressive and dedicated ass mufuckas to be doing all this work to create a righteous world for as few players as this.

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    They are over 30 active chars, I should know as I did the rep pics last night. Took me his hours and most are not ST chars.

    I don’t know why you felt the need to post this. I hesitated replying but as I read my staff being hurt about it, I decided to. Perhaps I should have done it privately but since you posted publicly, I am as well. You may not see it how we are seeing it, but it is hurtful, though I have to commend you on your backhanded compliments.

    The past few nights I have been thrilled to see so many people on after the craziness of the holidays. I think it’s wonderful so many new people are here and I can’t wait to see how things go this year. It’s exciting.
    We had a few old vets come back and have a few who are contemplating returning. That makes me happy.

    14 years is a long time to be running a game but here we are. Yeah, we may not have to 60-some chars we have had in the past but I’m sure we will again. But the 30- some we have is a nice sweet spot.

    To my staff, don’t think your characters are not valued. They are. I value them and I know that most of the players do as well. You consistently show up day after day and not only play but do the bulk of the work around here. There would be no game without you.

    To Brian: get out of my head, but never leave. Your dedication to keeping up with all the reading is appreciated. Your dedication to the world and keeping it “true” is valued.

    To Nik: we are at the top of the table. 🙂
    You are our logical rock and your dedication in seeing all sides is treasured. Also… Did you call your GP? don’t make me come over there to kick your ass.

    To Bek: you’ve come a long way, baby. I don’t know what I’d do without my rules savant. You consistently impress me.

    To Syn: you are a great roleplayer. You make me laugh and I love your ability to throw fucks to the wind and dive in. Your dedication in learning things for your character background is impressive.

    To Jaxon: known you forever and finally get to work with you. Your intelligence is remarkable, your empathy is wonderful and your role-playing ability is awesome. I’m so happy to have your help.

    To my other staff, whose lives have taken then away now often than not, I miss you but am happy for you.

    Never, ever think your contributions to the game world with your characters is not valued. It is. I’m fairly certain the above post was but meant to be hurtful or to devalue your contributions to the world we’ve all created (staff and players alike) but I wanted to just say it myself because, well, I’m protective. I love you all.

  • Hilt

    I thought I was expressing gratitude.
    Did not intend to cause harm, though I clearly did.
    Wasn’t intended as a back handed compliment either.

    Intended message was different than message received. However, I was wrong to have caused the harm that I did. Eff times infinity.

  • Hilt

    I thought I was communicating a gratitude and an I’m-impressed compliment. So I’m sorry. I intend to be a better friend going forward.

  • @onyx please don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re posting an awful lot. Some stuff is interesting, but threads such as these - do you think they’re necessary? Isn’t it something you may want to discuss in chambers instead?

    The reason why I’m asking is because posting a thread usually demands feedback, and sometimes (as in this case) can be wrongly interpreted.

    If you like to compliment staff, why not do so in person? 🙂

  • Hilt

    This seems like a wise guideline for me going forward.