Welcome to the Night Market

  • Storytellers

    Welcome to The Night Market! We do hope you find everything you’re looking for here. Before you begin, it’s important for you to familiarize yourself with the rules of engagement:

    • Don’t be useless.

    • Do not touch, poke, prod, or bully the ghoul (unless she asks nicely for you to do so). She is here to make sure The Book is safe, not for your amusement.

    • The book stays with her at all times. It is not to go anywhere without her. If you want to try to steal it or defame it, it will end very, very badly for you.

    • This is not Elysium, so none of those crazy ass rules, buuut…

    • Do not cause the Second Inquisition to come here and/or violate the Masquerade. You’ll wish I killed you. Or maybe (hopefully) your friends will do it for me and save us all the trouble.

    • Record and pay your debts. We’re here to trade freely and ensure what needs being done is done. If you fail to pay your debts…well, imagine the best day ever, followed by the worst thing imaginable happening to you…and know that I’ll do that, but with some additional creative flare. Doubt me? Take a closer look at that burn spot over there. Yes, that one - right there.

    • Enjoy your stay and please do come again.