A word about Turf

  • Storytellers

    Apparently some of the new Licks in town ain’t coming in with the knowledge of how Turf work and they ain’t been getting the 411 on it when they get here. So for any of you new folk, or even the mother fuckers that been here and may need a reminder let me explain something. When a crew claims turf it’s like it they property, so when you feed or generally do business on a crews turf it like you breaking into their home and stealing their shit. If you need a refresher on what crew has what turf, each head of the crews as listed it in this book that you reading now. If you want to feed or do business on someone else’s turf, ya need to be making an arraignment with that crew.

    Now for you new Licks that may not have had this properly explained before now, like I said to the Licks I spoke with last night, I’m gunna let you slide if you been feeding in Blade territory. I can’t speak for the rest of my crew so you might wanna keep it to yourself. Starting now, I find out anyone feeding in Leonard Towers, the Prison, the industrial Park, or any parts of Southside other than Sevenpoints and Holy Hill without working something else with Blade, you’ll see just how appropriately named my crew is. If ya come to one of first, we can work out a deal.

    For the Licks in the other crews, I’m gunna to take this as a one of those learning moments and make an effort to make sure when I meet a new Lick they know the deal and have started marking Blade turf to help prevent future confusion about what is claimed. Y’all may want to take similar actions for your hoods.