Post if you are going to be away

  • Hilt

    Update. Definitely gonna be mostly absent this week. Cuz fam and stuff.

  • Toreador Spine

    I’m in my parent’s home and I’m afraid I’ll be scarcely IC this week, I’ll try to be IC at least an evening. Happy holidays, anyway, I love you all ❤ (platonically)

  • Storytellers

    it’s a while out but at some point in the time period around Feb 14-17 I’ll likely be gone one or more of those days depending on how wife’s work schedule ends up panning out. It’s Valentine’s, wedding anniversary, and wife’s birthday all in that date grouping.

  • Hilt

    Things have occurred.
    My new return date to Sanguinus is January 8.
    If the ST’s need to commandeer stuff Anja is involved in so it can move forward, I understand.

  • Toreador Spine

    a bit of flu, but I’m better! Delia will be back tomorrow, friday at latest 🙂

  • I’m sorry I have been mia. Life has been a roller coaster at the moment with my kiddo. Jori can still be reached via vm or text and if anything is needed for ic and can be done, I will check the forums. Hoping life eases in the next month and if it does I will be around more often again. Miss you guys.


  • Toreador Spine

    Sudden change of shift. 😞 until Friday at least, Delia is
    available just by forum or pm 😞

  • Unfortunately, as I am moving back into University and settling I won’t be available for RP. I’ll need to see if my schedule can fit Sanguinus before I rejoin, but I assure you all I had a lot of fun in the short stretches of time I was able to play.

  • I’ll be away until Friday evening

  • I’m away until 8/8:30pm tonight.

  • Between work picking up hard, and Resident Evil 2 remastered I couldn’t really get on during the week, sorry! I’ll be on tonight 🙂

  • I’m not away per se but my schedule got flipped for a couple weeks. I work from like 3.30 est to midnight’ish. So I’ll be on, but will be A) slow to answer B) slow to answer… please be patient if you really need my character. Ta!

  • Just don’t cut off your ear.

  • Hilt

    Gotta go down to the Texas again on Monday for a week. So I gotta get ready and then I’ll be taking care of my mom. She’s having a neck surgery.

    ST’S have my permission to commandeer Anja to make sure her pieces of various Story lines keep moving forward.


  • Hilt

    So my specific dates of Low-to-No Availability are January 30 (today) through February 11. If y’all ST’s can do whatever with/to/by Anja to keep the story lines she’s connected to moving. Just lemme know (like if you decide that she gives the Excaliber to an orphanage or something).

  • I’m likely not going to be RPing on Sanguinus for the foreseeable future due to time and texhnology constraints. I appreciate the welcoming community and the RP I had, though. See you all on the flip side.

  • Hilt

    @syzygy Sadface. I hope things go as well as they can. Blessings.

  • This weekend I will be gone for drill. I will try and squeeze in an appearance tonight or tomorrow though to make up for it 🙂

  • I’ve been sick for a few days now. Hope to be available soon.

  • My laptop suddenly decided there is no hard drive available. I’ll try to be online but that’s mostly through phone and I hate playing on it. If Jake is needed, just send me a PM.