Content Limits and Restrictions

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    This is a post to lay out what is and is not allowed in roleplay on our server and particularly what is allowed in character on our game.

    I want to start with a simple mantra that has become extremely important when running LARPs and this game.

    The incredibly talented LARP designer Johanna Koljonen, a good friend of ours came up with this:

    "People are more important than LARPs. "

    In our game:

    “People are more important than Sanguinus.”

    Repeat that to yourself. People are more important than this game. That means you. The player, not your character. To put it quite bluntly, your character is disposable and is not YOU. This does not mean you will not be subject to some pretty nasty things in character. Sanguinus is basically an online LARP. We do not guide individual scenes, we do not lead you on “dungeon crawls.”

    Your character may be subject to some terrible things happening to it, including but not limited to:

    • Bullying
    • Physical violence
    • Mental and physical intimidation
    • Strong language
    • Bigotry (generally, clan versus clan remarks like, “Typical Brujah” or "Stick up their ass Ventrue, etc)

    There may be some others that come up but those are the most prevalent things you will see.

    What you will NOT see and we do NOT allow is:

    • Sexual violence.
    • Implied sexual violence.
    • Homophobia
    • Overt racism (I clarify this with “overt” as in the past we have had ancient Vampires refer to “vampires of color” as “Moors.” That is a far cry from using the n-word)
    • Transphobia
    • Overt sexism (Again, I clarify this with “overt” as a male vampire calling a female “little girl” is a far cry from other more terrible things I am sure you ALL can imagine and do not require my spelling them out)

    We have never allowed and would never allow sexual violence, implied or not.

    I know many of you are sitting there going, "but surely you realize it happens and it happens in the real world.

    Yes, I know. The difference is, this is a game. We collaborate on a story together and the things listed above add NOTHING to the story. Not one thing. Eliminating them from the giant box of crayons with which we color a game does not mean we can not create a good story.

    Please keep this in mind. If you have pertinent questions or concerns, please let us know.

    Thank you.